The difficult things will always be difficult
06 Feb 2016
Difficulty: a thing that is hard to accomplish, deal with, or understand. One of my friends asked the question earlier last week – why is it so hard to be an officer for the student branch? Why is so hard...
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Smart Questions, Good Answers
08 Sep 2015
Is there such thing as a stupid question? I’ve had instructors address a whole class and say, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” I now know that is in fact not true because I’ve challenged the statement and...
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Igniting the fire
26 Aug 2015
Ever since I first grasped a paintbrush, I’ve always been eager to learn about design. Design is such a complex concept. For example, when looking at abstract art, its meaning can be completely different for different people. It motivates a...
Software Engineering
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